For a long time I struggled. I struggled with everything; my weight, my finances, my marriage, my relationships even my career. The irony of my struggle was that most people thought I was living the good life.
To the world, I was lucky to have been married, blessed with children, had a job at the bank, nobody knew about my financial status, i had a car i drove to work, my husband and I seemed to have a good relationship and as far as anyone could tell, my life was very put together.
But I knew the truth, my life was a lie. I hated my job, I was in debt, insecure with my weight, my husband and I were constantly at logger heads, my car was giving me the heck of issues so I had to visit the mechanic every now and then.
You see this story of mine as I later came to realize is the story of most people. Mine was a story that reeked of mediocrity, chasing my tails in circle and going through the motion as every sunrise & sunset came and left. To fill the void I felt , I tried my hands at very many things and as expected, I failed.
I blamed everyone for my misfortunes.
I blamed my spouse for not being understanding enough,
I blamed my bosses for being unbearable,
I blamed my family for my terrible money habits,
I blamed having kids for the additional weight.
I blamed everybody but myself playing and telling my victim every where I went.
This was the story of my life until I had experienced an intervention. I listened to a material and my eyes were opened to the power of GOAL SETTING. A concept that radically changed my life.
  • I went from 105kg to 93. 3kg in three month and i have since maintained a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating
  • I left the job i hated so much and found excellent way to serve with my skills and gifts
  • My relationship with my husband improved drastically, and I began to enjoyed my marriage. we’ll be 10 years in a few months
  • I started learning about money and gradually developed a culture of saving and investing
These are just a few of the many victories I recorded simply because my life now had the much needed direction and clarity it needed. For the first time in my life, I realized and connected with who I really am, and it seemed like I had been set free.
Before you dismiss the topic of goal setting as trite like most people, know this ,
  • Goal Setting was the vehicles that birthed my dream
  • Goal Setting turned the my invincible desires into reality
  • Beyond the realization of my goals, the process made me a better person ,instilling values such as integrity, grit, persistence, fortitude, sense of duty and many more habits that I previously thought were impossible.
My mission is simple. To Inspire you (women) to: Find yourself. Pursue your Goals and Transcend your limitations.
I know what it means to be stuck in a rat race, moving yet feeling dead on the inside , unsure of what life really means
I sincerely hope that your experience with the content on this page inspires a change within you.
I look forward to hearing your transformation story.
Your transformation buddy,
NoOrdinary Eyitemi..